Farm Land

About us

Our mixed farm integrates pastured and housed animals, native grasses, annual crops, and responsible animal husbandry to provide high-quality food while improving the land.

Located on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairie in southeastern Manitoba, we strive to raise our animals and crops using the best practices available. Our third-generation family farm is always searching for ways to improve our methods, our practices, and our philosophies.

Click here to watch a video outlining our farming philosophy and our work with Fireweed Food Co-op.

We focus on lowering our environmental impact while maintaining the highest quality farm products.

Utilizing the principles of holistic management and regenerative agriculture, we remain accountable to the land, our animals, and our community.

In March 2019 our farm was selected to participate in a multi-year study of regenerative agriculture practices. We are excited by the possibilities this brings  with connecting to experts in many different fields for a more holistic approach to farming.

Our Animals