Chickens in the Grass


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We raise chickens on native grass pasture without the use of antibiotics or hormones as growth promoters. Our chickens are fed high-quality feed that we make ourselves from the grain we grow. On the pasture, our chickens have access to sunshine, open skies, and as much grass and insects as they like. Using our portable chicken shelter and solar-powered electric fencing, our birds are able to express their natural instincts while being protected from inclement weather and predators. We believe this method of farming provides the best for our chickens while producing premium birds with excellent quality meat.

We use a method of pastured chicken farming called day ranging.

We use a method of pastured chicken farming called day ranging. Our chickens are provided secure shelter during the night in a chicken coop on skids. During the day they have free access to pasture while protected from predators by an electrified perimeter fence. This method increases the freedom of our chickens while providing protection from predators.

We raise our chickens as naturally as possible. Our chickens are able to access most of their vitamin and mineral requirements from pasture grasses and legumes. Pastured chickens can obtain between 10 – 25% of their food requirements from grazing. We make the rest of their feed from grains grown on our farm, free from antibiotics and hormones.

Goats Wondering

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2024 Update – We have sold our goats.

Our herd of Spanish, Boer, and Kiko goats thrives in the Manitoban climate. From the heat of summer to the cold of winter they love to express their natural curiosity.

Utilizing holistic management we carefully plan and move the goat herd throughout the pastures and around our farmyard. These techniques increase grass production while improving soil and herd health without the need for synthetic inputs or machinery.


Fed a wholesome diet using grain grown on our farm, our hogs are raised without growth promoters or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We strive to maintain a healthy diet by utilizing a ration developed specifically for our pigs using our grain. Having our own feed mill ensures we can provide fresh, nutritious feed for our pigs. Our pigs are raised in climate-controlled barns on our farm so that they can be comfortable year-round. We believe that happy, stress-free pigs are the healthiest.

Whole hog, sides, and retail cuts are available. We do not maintain a large inventory of pork products. This ensures you receive the freshest, tastiest possible pork when you order from our farm.